Drink Wine & Sleep Well April 22 2014

While training as a surgeon, Dr. Ousterhout learned first-hand just how beneficial having a glass of wine can be. Now he is an advocate of drinking wine and the various health benefits linked to moderate wine consumption.

In high school, despite plenty of exercise, he suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome. It became a nightly problem that interfered with his sleep. While in dental and medical schools at the University of Michigan, his restless leg problem persisted.

After transferring to Stanford University to begin his training as a surgeon, Dr. Ousterhout had access to better California wine than what was available in Michigan, and he enjoyed drinking good wine more often.Suddenly he noticed that his restless leg problem was gone. He wondered if it was the nicer, drier weather. Or if had to do with eating more Chinese food. When it occurred to him that it could be the wine, he abstained, and sure enough, the restless leg problem returned. So he went back to drinking wine and his symptoms disappeared again!

In 1986, in the Western Journal of Medicine, there was an article about the medical treatment (not in any way about wine) of Restless Leg Syndrome. Dr. Ousterhout wrote the editor of the journal with his comments about wine and how it provided relief of his RLS. His report was published in the editorial section (Volume 145, page 522), which impressed quite a few of his colleagues.

This is how Dr. Ousterhout became quite the wine lover and why we say, “Drink Wine & Sleep Well” on the label of Ousterhout Wine. Whether or not you have Restless Leg Syndrome—and we hope you do not—we hope that you will enjoy our wine and that it will help you sleep well, too. Learn more about our philosophy and the explanation behind our logo.